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3 Great Denver Tours from Denver International Airport

Are you looking for the perfect way to get to know Denver before you even step off the plane? Or, do you have a longer layover at the Denver airport and want to explore the Mile High City on a Denver city tour?

Denver airport tours are the perfect option for those looking to explore the city straight from the airport with the help of a fun, local guide. Tour companies like Discover Denver Tours provide a variety of Denver airport tours. Whether you’re interested in seeing the sights of downtown Denver, learning about local history, or seeing the amazing public art, eclectic neighborhoods, or taking some photos next to the amazing street art or graffiti, there’s a tour to suit your needs.

Plus, the Discover Denver Tours team offers private Denver airport tours, so you can book a tour that focuses solely on the areas of Denver you’re most interested in if one of their most popular options isn’t the perfect for you.

Here’s three great options for exploring the Mile High City while in Denver on a layover, or if you want to see the sights straight from the airport:

  1. Take the A Train from the Denver International Airport to Union Station and hop on one of these five Denver area tours that depart from Union Station, if the times of the tours match up to when you’ll arrive. Need to store your luggage? No worries: check out LUGDEN, just across from Union Station.

  2. Schedule a private Denver walking tour or Denver bus tour with the Discover Denver team, if one of the above tours leaving from Union Station doesn’t work with your schedule. Take the A Train in to Union Station or hop in a Lyft, Uber or taxi to the departure location of your tour.

  3. Schedule a private, custom Denver bus tour with airport pick-up included. Pricing is higher but this option may be a great fit for you if you don’t want any hassle, don’t want to take public transportation, or don’t want to have to store any luggage you may have. You can even book a night tour to explore the exciting side of Denver that only appears after dark.

Here's some other helpful info as you look into planning your Denver airport tour:

Which Denver terminal is Southwest, United, Frontier, and other popular airlines in and where do you go to catch a tour or public transportation?

  • Frontier – A Concourse - Take the train one stop to baggage claim and the main terminal

  • Which Denver terminal is Southwest? That’s the C Concourse - Take the airport train one stop to baggage claim and the main terminal

  • And which terminal do United flight land at? The B Concourse – Take the airport train two stops to baggage claim and the main terminal. If you’re flying in on an international United-operated flight, it will likely pull up to a gate in Terminal A and you’ll only need to take the airport train one stop.

Where can you catch the A Train and other transportation options to downtown Denver?

  • There’s clear signage in the airport directly you down to the lower level platform that the A Train departs from.

  • Lyfts and Ubers depart from Island 5, Level 5 from both the east and west sides of the main terminal.

No matter what kind of Denver experience you’re looking for, Discover Denver and other tour companies offer the perfect way to get to know the city the minute you step off the plane! From airport tours that include airport pick-up to Denver area tours that leave from downtown, you’ll be sure to find an itinerary that’s perfect for your needs and budget.



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